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Seamless and secure B2B communication.

Get more done with your Nextcloud platform. Integrate your Microsoft apps, secure your Outlook email, and safeguard your data.

Learn what Sendent solutions can do for you

Sendent for OutlookSendent for Microsoft Outlook

Secure your online communication and streamline your Nextcloud workflow with our Outlook plug-in.

Sendent for Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly share files from Nextcloud in Teams.

Nextcloud Exchange Connector

Sync data between Nextcloud and Microsoft Exchange for enhanced collaboration.

Whether you’re a solo flyer or an industry leader, Sendent boosts your productivity.

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Why businesses trust Sendent

We believe in safer online communication for all. While privacy laws vary across countries, the need for robust data security remains consistent. Sendent simplifies collaboration for individuals, teams, and organizations while upholding data security.

When you use Sendent products, rest assured that all your data, including emails, contacts, and calendars, is stored solely on your private Nextcloud server. This means we have no access to your data, ensuring your privacy. Your information remains strictly confidential, accessible only to you and your chosen recipients.


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News and Updates

Stay informed with the latest Sendent developments and news.

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Support Portal

Get the help you need with our support resources.

Members Forum

Engage with the Sendent community and share insights in our active members forum.

Storage Options

Choose the right Nextcloud server option for your storage needs.

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Discover the story behind Sendent.

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