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In this article we cover the basics of custom UI branding for Sendent. You can customize your Sendent UI to match your organization’s branding, so the interface is more recognizable to your clients and partners. Custom UI branding is available to Professional and Premium users.

To get you started, we will cover the theming options available to you, and how to use them.

What is Theming?

Professional and Premium users may use a custom branded version instead of the default Sendent settings. The settings can be controlled from your Nextcloud settings, under “Theming.” UI elements you can customize include the name, color, logo, and header logo.

What is Advanced Theming?

Available to Premium users, Advanced Theming allows you to customize the color for almost every UI element of your Sendent app. Colors can be set by inputting Hex codes or using the color picker in the pop-up.

You can enable Advanced Theming by navigating to settings from your Nextcloud web interface. Click on “Sendent”, and then you will see a dropdown menu under “Theming”.

For more information about your Sendent settings, please check the relevant help article on our Knowledge Base.

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