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One of Sendent’s key features is giving administrators more control over attachment interactions, also known as Intercept Mode.

What is Intercept Mode?

Once Intercept Mode is enabled, the Outlook add-in will monitor all outgoing emails. This intercept mechanism has three attachment interaction modes:

  • Off: No interaction
  • Ask on send: Every time an attachment is detected, Sendent will ask the user if it should upload the files to Nextcloud.
  • Maximum attachment size: This mode is paired with “Auto Upload Attachment Size”, expressed in MB. Whenever the total attachment size (sum) exceeds the set value, Sendent will force the user to upload the files to Nextcloud. A value of “0” means that all files are automatically uploaded. Meanwhile, a value of “5” means that the mode is only triggered when the attachment size sum exceeds 5MB.

Excluding domains or specific email addresses

If Intercept Mode is set to “ MaximumAttachmentSize”, all outgoing emails that fall within the set parameters will be intercepted by default. These emails can be sent to recipients (both internal or external), and in all cases upload to Nextcloud will be enforced.

This behavior may be undesirable in certain cases. Internal emails do not always require this option to be enforced. Other situations call for exceptions based on mutual understanding between two parties (external) where they accept the risk of attaching sensitive content. For example, the organization’s policy may disallow users from clicking on links.

For specific steps about address and domain exception, please check the relevant help article on our Knowledge Base.

Wrapping up

Enforcing attachment modes allows you to save mailbox space, especially if Maximum Attachment Size is enabled. Attachment mode settings can be configured in the Nextcloud app.

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