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Secure Mail allows users to upload both the attachments and the body of the email to Nextcloud, ensuring that the data and messages they send are kept secure in their private server. This feature is available to Premium users.

To get you started, we will cover the basics of Secure Mail, and how to use this feature.

How to use Secure Mail

Secure Mail can be activated via the server settings or the Outlook add-in. Once Secure Mail has been activated, you will see a new ribbon when composing a new message on Outlook.

If Secure Mail is switched off, the email body will not be uploaded to your Nextcloud server.

Click on “Secure Mail” to activate the feature. Compose your message as you normally would, and click “Send”. The upload dialog will then start uploading your email body and the attachments to your Nextcloud server. The email will be sent after upload is complete.

Recipients can view the mail body through the Nextcloud share.

Enforcing Secure Mail

Secure Mail can be enforced through the web interface or app settings. This ensures that all emails will be uploaded to your Nextcloud Server before they are sent.

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