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The Sendent app for Nextcloud allows admins to manage Sendent settings for the entire organization. Through the app, Sendent admins can configure their license, control settings for all users, and more.

In this article, we will show you the different ways the Sendent for Nextcloud app can make your job easier. If you need help with installing the app, please visit our help article.

Push settings to all users

Admins can use the app to roll out settings available to individual users to everyone at the same time. You can do this to manage password behavior, snippet insert location, Nextcloud Talk integration, among other functions.

Create custom snippets

With our Fall 2022 update, we introduced a WYSIWYG editor to supplement our HTML editor, enabling admins to create custom snippets with greater ease. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows you to edit content without having to use commands. You may use this feature to create snippets from a central location and apply them to all users. Learn more

Integration with Retention app

The Sendent app for Nextcloud is integrated with Retention app, a Nextcloud app that allows for the automatic deletion of files from a server. This allows admins to maintain their Nextcloud server without having to manually delete shared files. Automatic cleanup without the fuss.

Configure your license

Apart from the web interface, admins may also check their current subscription and expiration date, and configure their license from within the Sendent app. For detailed instructions, please visit our help article.

Create custom themes

Professional and Premium users may customize the name, color, logo, and header logo to better reflect their organization’s branding. Admins with a Premium license may also use Advanced Theming for complete control over color schema and other theming aspects of Sendent for Outlook. Learn more

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