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In the world of media and advertising, where ideas spark and campaigns come alive, seamless communication is the lifeblood of success. But amid the creative chaos, challenges lurk – data breaches, missed deadlines, and intellectual property theft threaten to derail your vision.

Enter Sendent, built to seamlessly integrate with Nextcloud, empowering you to navigate the media maze with confidence.

Fueling creative collaboration

  • Secure content: Protect your creative edge. Sendent safeguards confidential campaign details, multimedia assets, and strategies with robust security and access control. This ensures only authorized individuals can view and download sensitive information, giving you peace of mind to unleash your creativity.
  • Hit deadlines with confidence: Communication breakdowns can torpedo launches. Sendent empowers instant messaging and secure file sharing on Outlook and Teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page and deadlines are met with precision.

Mitigating risks, maximizing impact

  • Security against breaches: Data breaches are a media and advertising nightmare. Sendent leverages Nextcloud’s cutting-edge security and advanced access control to shield your intellectual property and campaign plans from unauthorized access.
  • Own your intellectual property: Safeguard your unique selling propositions. Sendent’s robust security features protect your ad concepts, multimedia content, and marketing materials, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring you retain complete control over your creative vision.
  • Content chaos conquered: Lost assets and disorganized workflows can cripple productivity. Sendent integrates seamlessly with Nextcloud’s file organization and sharing capabilities, streamlining content management and ensuring everyone has access to the right files at the right time.

A strategic investment

By prioritizing security, fostering seamless collaboration, and mitigating risks, Sendent empowers you to:

  • Unleash creative potential without fear: Focus on groundbreaking ideas knowing your intellectual property is safeguarded.
  • Boost team efficiency: Streamline workflows and eliminate communication bottlenecks, maximizing productivity and campaign impact.
  • Deliver exceptional results: Meet deadlines consistently and exceed client expectations with secure, reliable communication.

Ready to transform your communication? Contact us to request a 14-day trial of Sendent for Outlook, Sendent for MS Teams, and the Nextcloud Exchange Connector today.

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