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Nextcloud Hub 4 introduces the Smart Picker, an AI-powered tool that enhances collaboration and streamlines workflows across all Nextcloud applications. This feature is designed to be easily expandable with many more apps in the store that can help you insert smart information into your documents, mail, and more.

The Smart Picker is integrated across all your Nextcloud applications, including Nextcloud Talk, Deck, Mail, Notes, Text, Collectives, Office, and others. It offers several features to help users share and collaborate more efficiently.

Some of the features of the Smart Picker include:

  • Share tasks from a Deck board, card, or comment
  • Share Nextcloud Tables
  • Share a map location (by OpenStreetMap)
  • Share knowledge database items from Collectives pages
  • Share videos from PeerTube
  • Create Text templates or pre-defined text snippets
  • Share GIFs (by Giphy)
  • Share Mastodon people, toots, and hashtags
  • Share Movies, series, and people (by The Movie Database)
  • Share Files
  • Share any link
  • Share GitHub issues, pull requests, and comments
  • Share GitLab repositories, issues, and mergers
  • Translate with Nextcloud Translate (via DeepL or a local, on-prem translation AI)

In addition to these features, the Smart Picker also offers AI speech-to-text, image generation, and ChatGPT text generation, allowing for even more advanced collaboration.

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The Smart Picker was designed to be easily expandable, allowing for the integration of many more apps in the future. To activate the Smart Picker, you must upgrade to Hub 4 (Version 26) and install the integration apps.

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