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Premium users have the option to send the password separately from the link, adding a new layer of security to their emails. In this article, we will walk you through all the steps of enabling and using this safety feature.

Why send passwords separately

The first email will only contain the Share URL while the second email (sent by the same account) will contain the password to the Share. Sending passwords in a separate email adds an extra layer of protection by increasing the difficulty for malicious actors to obtain both the password and content.

We recognize this practice alone does not prevent data leaks, and we are working on allowing users to send passwords via alternative channels.

How to activate this feature

  • WYSIWYG editor: By customizing the HTML templates, you can set your emails to send the passwords to Shares separately.
  • Nextcloud app: The instructions are detailed below.

Through the Nextcloud app

1. Set “Password communication mode” to “Send in separate email”

2. Modify the “Password communication snippet” to the desired result

3. Modify the existing templates as Share Files snippet, Share Public Folder Snippet, and Secure Mail snippet. Remove the “{PASSWORD}” tag in these snippets.

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