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Before you start

Sendent is a plug-in that works with Outlook for Windows and Nextcloud. Before you get started, make sure you have the following installed on your Windows PC:
● .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime
● Microsoft Outlook for Windows (2013 and newer)

Older versions of Outlook for Windows might also work but they are not supported by Microsoft anymore. Sendent cannot guarantee that all features will be functional.

We also highly recommend that you install the Sendent Nextcloud Server app for easier settings management. Through the Server app, you can set the default settings for all users of your Nextcloud instance. The app has been validated for use with Nextcloud 18 and higher.

Getting started

Once you have installed the prerequisite software, you can begin installing Sendent on your Windows PC.

  1. Choose a version

You will need to download the correct version (64-bit or 32-bit) according to your Outlook installation.

To determine which version you need, open Outlook and then go to File in your Outlook Ribbon. Then go to Office Account and click on the About Outlook button. Your version will now be displayed.

For 32-bit: 32-bits à Setup_Version_x84.msi
For 64-bit: 64-bits à Setup_Version_x64.msi

  1. Launch the installer

Once you have downloaded the appropriate version, you can start with the installation proper. Just follow the instructions from our Installer.

In one of the steps, it is possible to set a default URL for your Nextcloud server. This is an optional step and is not mandatory. Setting a default URL is especially convenient when you have multiple clients using the same Nextcloud server.

If you fill in a URL in this step, it won’t be possible for the user to log out directly from their Outlook settings screen in the future.

  1. First login

No matter the chosen action in the previous step, the user has to do a one-time login with their account so Sendent can be connected to the Nextcloud server.

If the administrator did not set a default URL during the installation, the user can log out and connect with a different account if needed. If a default URL has been set, the user won’t be able to log out and switch to a different account.

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