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Amid mounting regulatory challenges, Microsoft finds itself facing yet another antitrust complaint. This time, it comes from Alfaview, a German video conference software company, which accuses the tech giant of unfair practices by bundling Microsoft Teams with its Office suite. The complaint has been formally filed with the European Union (EU) in what appears to be a strategic move by Alfaview to level the playing field.

According to Reuters, Alfaview argues that Microsoft’s bundling strategy gives the company an unjustified advantage that rivals cannot compete with in terms of performance. Niko Fostiropoulos, Founder and CEO of Alfaview, expressed concern over Microsoft’s dominance resulting from tying Teams with other applications in the Microsoft 365 suite, creating a significant distribution advantage for the U.S. tech behemoth.

This complaint adds to Microsoft’s recent legal woes with the EU. Just recently, it was reported that the company would be facing an antitrust probe from the EU, setting the stage for a potentially contentious battle in the coming months.

In response to the latest complaint, Microsoft has chosen not to comment, with a spokesperson stating, “We continue to engage cooperatively with the Commission in its investigation and are open to pragmatic solutions that address its concerns and serve customers well.” 

Microsoft’s clash with the EU over Teams is not new; it dates to 2020 when Slack filed its own complaint against the company, accusing it of engaging in “illegal and anti-competitive” behavior regarding Teams. Subsequent reports suggested that regulators might launch an investigation into the matter.

Given the ongoing antitrust lawsuit Microsoft faces from the CMA concerning its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the timing of this latest complaint couldn’t be more challenging for the Redmond-based company. Allegations of Microsoft leveraging its ecosystem to fend off competitors further compound the situation, potentially spelling more trouble for the tech giant.

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