Sendent is a proud partner of Datacave

What is Datacave?

Datacave specializes in helping users and businesses implement Nextcloud and other cloud environments to improve processes and innovation. Datacave has collaborated with The Good Cloud to offer an online platform that also offers the convenience of online collaboration with the certainty of offline privacy. Users can store, synchronize, and share files through their secure platform, ensuring the safety and security of their data.

Why Datacave?

Datacave believes in a way of working where privacy, safety, and security come first. Their software solutions help make work easier, faster, and more flexible, and they aim to create a world where everyone can enjoy the security and convenience of the cloud while retaining control over their data.

Datacave also provides customized support for anyone looking to migrate to Nextcloud. With their expert knowledge of Nextcloud, they help users and businesses make the most of the privacy-first platform.