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Sendent Is A Proud Partner Of AmberPro By LatticeWork

What is LatticeWork?

LatticeWork develops cloud-edge solutions that tackle storage, privacy, and bandwidth issues related to skyrocketing data and video consumption. Their flagship product, AmberPro, is the world’s first AI-powered smart storage platform with a personal hybrid cloud. AmberPro empowers consumers with data privacy, convenience, and control.

Why Amber?

AmberPro, LatticeWork’s flagship product, is an on-promises storage solution that allows users to host their own personal cloud in the safety of their homes or offices. Users retain full control over their data without having to rely on third-party hosting providers.

LatticeWork believes that all users have a right to keep their digital data private, safe, and accessible wherever they are. Their core values are protecting data privacy, making information accessible, and creating lasting impact.

Nextcloud requires technical skills for on-premises implementation, which may make it out of reach for casual users. With AmberPro, you can use a Docker image to create your Nextcloud on-premises instance in just a few clicks.