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Sendent’s Activity Tracker feature offers a powerful solution to email management, with the ability to track shared documents and revoke access with a single click. While the feature is undoubtedly convenient, its benefits extend beyond productivity and security.

Benefits of the Activity Tracker

For businesses operating in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance, the Activity Tracker can be an essential tool. By providing a detailed log of document activity, the feature enables companies to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations.

The Activity Tracker also offers peace of mind when sending sensitive information. By allowing users to know when a document has been accessed, they can be certain that their information is secure. And in the case of any concern about a recipient’s access, the ability to revoke access immediately adds an extra layer of security.

Breaking down the Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker feature is enabled by default in Sendent. When you open a sent email via your sent items, the Activity Explorer ribbon will appear at the top of your message. However, if you access the email via the Reading Preview Pane, the ribbon will not appear.

The Activity Tracker is an efficient way to keep track of shared documents, including their expiration date and status. With a range of actions available depending on the status, you can easily monitor who has accessed the shared files. Notably, the “Opened” status is checked when a recipient downloads the file(s), giving you an assurance that they have viewed the attachments.

This feature is especially useful when using Secure Mail, as the checkbox is automatically checked when the recipient opens the link, providing confirmation that the email has been downloaded and read. This way, you can easily track whether your recipients have opened and viewed your emails and their attachments, which can be a valuable tool in ensuring effective communication and collaboration.

If you open the email within a few seconds after sending, you may only be able to choose the “view” action. It can take a few seconds for all the actions to become available.

The “Unshare” action is particularly useful as it immediately revokes the recipient’s access to the shared files, Secure Mail (since the body is uploaded in the link), or public folder.

At Sendent, protecting the privacy of our users is of utmost importance, and we do not have access to statistics on the number of sent emails or shared files. It’s worth noting that while we do not provide notifications when a recipient accesses a shared document, you can activate email notifications for download activity in Nextcloud. Simply navigate to Settings > Activity to customize your preferences.

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