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Introduction to Sendent Premium

Do you want the ultimate Sendent experience? Go for Premium.

Sendent is a tool that helps you share files and send emails safely and securely. It works with Outlook for Windows and is connected to your private cloud instance on Nextcloud Enterprise or Nextcloud Community where your data is securely stored.

The Premium plan offers the best Sendent experience. It includes everything in the Basic and Professional plans and additional features that make your communications safer and more secure. This plan is designed for businesses and organizations that want the best in email and file sharing security.

Here are 3 ways you can take your communications to the next level with Sendent Premium:

Secure Mail:

Secure Mail allows you to upload both the attachments and the body of the email to Nextcloud, ensuring that the data and content you send are kept secure in your private server. 

Guest accounts:

You can create guest accounts for partners and valued clients, making collaboration and file sharing a breeze. 

Separated passwords:

Send the password to protected files and Public Shares in a separate email for maximum security. 

Ready to take the next step? Subscribe to Sendent today.