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Introduction to Sendent Professional

Looking for something extra? Sendent Professional might be what you need.

Sendent is a tool that helps you share files and send emails safely and securely. It works with Outlook for Windows and is connected to your private cloud instance on Nextcloud Enterprise or Nextcloud Community where your data is securely stored.

The Professional plan includes all the core features of Sendent Basic as well as essential branding options. If you want to communicate your brand or corporate identity, Sendent Professional is for you.

Here are 3 ways you can personalize your communications with Sendent Professional:

Upload your company logo:

Put your company front and center by displaying your logo.

Personalize the colors:

Pick your brand’s colors to make your mark on Sendent.

Customizable HTML snippets:

Sendent uses HTML snippets to display information such as the link, the password, and the expiration date for the recipient. For maximum personalization, you can edit the standard template or create one from scratch. 

Only want the best for your business? Check out Sendent Premium.