Secure file transfer

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Secure file transfer via Outlook

With Sendent, everything you send is kept safe and secure. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easier for users to send emails and share files while keeping your data private.

Secure file sharing

When it comes to data sharing privacy-conscious organizations require privacy-centered solutions. However, many cloud storage providers sacrifice user privacy to boost their bottom line. Sendent combines security and privacy to keep your data safe.

You can exchange data with clients and partners without compromising your security. Create a Public Share to allow collaborators to upload files and folders to your secure server.

secure file transfer
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Share large files

Sendent is one of the most secure ways to share large files. Whether you need to send a large video file, a CAD drawing, or high-resolution images with clients or partners, you can trust Sendent to deliver your data while keeping your privacy intact.

Best of all, Sendent isn’t limited by conventional attachment limits. You can share large file types to anyone without annoying size restrictions.

Set an expiration date for file access

The world is becoming more interconnected; employees not only work with one another, but with clients, customers, vendors, and other organizations as well. In many cases, those relationships are temporary. 

When you’re working with people outside of your organization, you might want to limit their access to your server when your projects are complete. Control access to your data by putting an expiration date on all your shared files and links.

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Create guest accounts

Sendent offers two ways of access to shared data. In most cases, the anonymous log-in method is used: this involves a unique generated link that is protected with a password. However, frequent collaborators might require a faster and more secure way to access your data.

You can create guest accounts for partners and valued clients, making collaboration and file-sharing a breeze. Determine the access rights for each guest user to prevent unauthorized sharing or downloading.

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