Secure your Outlook email

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A plug-in to secure your Outlook email

Send secure emails, upload large attachments, and withdraw access—all with Sendent.

Password-protect your Outlook email

Email is one of the most vulnerable forms of communication. If you want to send a confidential message to someone and ensure that they are the only ones who read it, your best option is to secure it with a password only the recipient knows.

You can set Sendent to generate a unique strong password every time you share data through Microsoft Outlook. The stronger the passwords you use, the harder it is for hackers to crack them and gain access to your data.

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Send passwords in a separate email

How you deliver the password is just as important as securing the message. Encrypted data can still be compromised if you don’t take steps to secure the password. 

Sending the password in a separate email adds an additional layer of security to keep your data safe from prying eyes. You risk exposing your data if you send an encrypted message or file and the decryption password in the same email.

Secure Mail

Secure Mail allows you to upload both the attachments and the body of the email to Nextcloud, ensuring that the data and content you send are kept secure in your private server.

This solution ensures that the content of your messages is never saved in the recipient’s email servers. If the recipient’s inbox is compromised or if the email provider is forced by a government to hand over the contents of the inbox, the content of the email won’t be saved locally.

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Withdraw shared files

Accidentally sent a sensitive file to the wrong person? It happens to the best of us. Maybe you forgot to double-check the email address or changed your mind just as you clicked on send.

With Sendent, you can withdraw the data straight from Outlook to keep your data secure.

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