Stay in control

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In control of shared files

Sendent offers businesses and organizations complete control over their data. System administrators can enforce specific settings to save time, free up server space, and minimize the risk of data leaks.

Activity Tracker

Knowing is half the battle. If you host a lot of important files on your private server, you want to know who else has their hands on your data. 

Need to check if a recipient has already downloaded your shared files? You can check the Activity Tracker to verify if the file has already been accessed.


Server App

Wouldn’t it be better to have one convenient location that controls all Sendent settings? That’s exactly what the Sendent Server App allows its administrators to do.

You can adjust and control settings for all Outlook users within your organization from our Server App. Download our Server App from the Nextcloud App Store.

Attachment upload settings

Administrators can adjust the attachment settings for better control. For instance, you can enforce that all files are uploaded through Sendent. You may also enforce a maximum attachment size to ensure only files of a certain size are uploaded to your private server.

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Customizable HTML snippets

Sendent uses HTML snippets to display information for the download such as the link, the password, and the expiration date for the recipient. You can edit the standard template or create one from scratch to show your company logo and customize the displayed fields.

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