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So you’ve decided to take the next step toward safe and easy communication. You’re ready to take advantage of enterprise-level security measures to protect your data. With Sendent, you can securely share large files or sensitive information through your private Cloud environment.

But the question remains: Which Sendent plan is right for you? Should you start with a free test drive? Upgrade to the Basic plan? Or take advantage of the enhanced privacy and customization of Professional or Premium?

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose which plan is the best fit for your organization.

Free: for individuals looking for more privacy

Individual users looking for a little more privacy in communication will find what they are looking for in our Free plan. The Free plan offers a taste of what Sendent can do, including:
● No file size limits
● Uploading files through Microsoft Outlook to your Nextcloud server
● Public sharing for better collaboration
● No trial period

The Free plan is also intended for leaders and decision-makers who want to test-drive Sendent before upgrading to a paid plan. Many subscribers start with a Free plan to explore our core features before rolling it out company-wide.

Basic: for small organizations that need secure collaboration

The Basic plan is designed for small teams and organizations that need a little extra to get the job done. Go for Basic if you need to share large or sensitive files on a regular basis.

Basic plan features include:
● Time-limited and untraceable shared links
● Stronger generated passwords
● Enterprise-class security through Nextcloud
● Activity tracking
● Withdraw sent files
● Centralized user management

Professional: for brand-conscious businesses and organizations

Professional: for brand-conscious businesses and organizations
The Professional plan is built for businesses and organizations that want to communicate their brand or corporate identity.

It also comes with access to everything from the Basic plan as well as extra features such as:
● Add your company’s logo
● Customize the styling to fit your brand
● Create your own email templates

Premium: for firms that need enterprise-level data security

Mid-size and large firms, including government bodies, financial institutions, and NGOs, that require high-level data security will find what they need in the Premium plan.

Premium subscribers can expect all the benefits of the Professional plan, plus:
● Separated passwords: Send the link and password in two separate emails
● Secure Mail: Both the email body and the attachment are uploaded to your private Nextcloud server
● Advanced branding: Customize all screens, windows, logos, and colors to fit your brand
● Guest accounts for frequent collaborators

Want safe and easy communication? Download Sendent today.

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