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Imagine a world where communication flows effortlessly across your entire organization. Teams collaborate freely, sharing sensitive data with confidence, and regulatory compliance is a breeze. Sounds too good to be true?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, challenges like inefficient file sharing, data security threats, and regulatory complexities often hinder smooth communication and collaboration. But what if there was a solution that could streamline your workflows, safeguard your data, and empower your teams to connect seamlessly?

Enter Sendent, your trusted partner for secure and efficient business communication. We integrate Nextcloud seamlessly with popular tools like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Exchange, allowing your teams to:

  • Collaborate effortlessly: Share Nextcloud files directly within your familiar workspace, eliminating context switching and boosting productivity.
  • Protect sensitive data: Leverage Sendent’s robust security features like secure passwords, expiration dates, and controlled data access to ensure your confidential information remains safe from unauthorized access.
  • Stay compliant: Stay ahead of industry regulations with features like secure email and granular access control, minimizing legal risks and ensuring peace of mind.

Here’s how Sendent makes a difference

  • Securely collaborate with external agencies and freelancers: Share confidential campaign materials like brand assets and design drafts directly within Outlook or Teams, eliminating the need for insecure email attachments. Sendent also offers granular access control, ensuring only authorized individuals can view and download sensitive files.
  • Close deals faster with secure proposal and contract sharing: Eliminate the risk of data breaches by sending proposals and contracts directly from Outlook or Teams, with password protection and expiration dates for added security. Sendent also streamlines the signing process with e-signatures, shortening sales cycles and boosting team efficiency.
  • Securely share financial reports and data with colleagues and auditors: Sendent empowers finance teams to collaborate securely within familiar tools like Outlook and Teams, ensuring sensitive data remains protected with features like password protection, access control, and audit trails.
  • Enhanced security for international data transfers: Sendent adheres to strict data privacy regulations, providing peace of mind when sharing sensitive information across borders.

Sendent gives you a strategic advantage

We empower businesses to:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency: Streamline workflows, eliminate communication bottlenecks, and focus on what matters most.
  • Protect sensitive data and ensure compliance: Reduce the risk of data breaches and stay ahead of industry regulations, giving you peace of mind.
  • Foster a culture of secure collaboration: Empower your teams to connect and share information confidently, driving innovation and business growth.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your teams? Contact us to request a 14-day trial of Sendent for Outlook, Sendent for MS Teams, and the Nextcloud Exchange Connector today.

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