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Sendent is a proud partner of The Good Cloud

The Good Cloud Info

What is The Good Cloud?

The Good Cloud is a privacy-centered hosting provider based in the Netherlands. Their mission is to safeguard everyone’s data and privacy when files are uploaded to the cloud. Most importantly, they believe that privacy is a fundamental human right for all.

Why The Good Cloud?


All data is hosted in The Good Cloud’s servers in the Netherlands. The Good Cloud offers a secure cloud solution where users don’t have to worry about anybody viewing, analyzing or selling your data. They do not host servers anywhere else and are not beholden to foreign governments or companies under foreign jurisdiction. 

U.S.-based cloud companies are required to give full access to user data to American law enforcement and government agencies, even if that data is hosted abroad. Even European data is not exempt from this overreach if the hosting provider is subject to U.S. law.

Sustainably run

The Good Cloud uses an XS4ALL data center which runs on wind power from the Amalia Wind Farm, located off the coast of IJmuiden.

Easy setup

The Good Cloud’s excellent support team can help you set up your Nextcloud server according to your needs and specifications. You can rely on the advice and guidance from their experienced team while they guide you through fully implementing your cloud storage.