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Sendent. Secure your Nextcloud files and Outlook email.

Send emails, share files, and protect what matters to you. Sendent works with Nextcloud and Microsoft Outlook for Windows to take secure collaboration to the next level.

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A Nextcloud plug-in to secure your Outlook email

Sendent is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that allows you to connect to your private Nextcloud Enterprise or Nextcloud Community instance without ever leaving the application. Everything you send is kept within your control. Send emails, upload large attachments, and share sensitive information—all with Sendent.

Features to keep your data safe and secure

No size limits

Size is not an issue. Share large data easily and conveniently.

Advanced personalization

Customize your screens, windows, logos, and colors to fit your brand.

File expiration

Set an expiration date on all your shared files and links.

Stay in control

Adjust settings for all users from a single app

Secure file transfer

Allow collaborators to upload data directly to your private server.

Secure Mail

Upload the entire email to Nextcloud, ensuring that the data and content you send are kept secure in your private server.

Data recall

Accidentally sent something to the wrong person? You can recall the files straight from Outlook to keep your data safe.

Activity tracking

Check to see if a recipient has already accessed your shared files.

How Sendent works

Sendent works with Nextcloud, an on-premises file share and collaboration platform that combines convenience and privacy to ensure easy and secure communication.

Not sure how to sign up for Sendent? Just follow our instructions to get started on Sendent today.


Sign up for a Nextcloud server

Start your own on-premise Nextcloud server or get a (free) cloud account from a Nextcloud provider.

Download and install the Sendent add-in

The Sendent Outlook add-in is available for Windows and easy to install. Sign up here for Sendent Free.

Connect Sendent to your Nextcloud server

Easily connect your Nextcloud server in a few clicks with Sendent via Outlook.

Download and install the Sendent app

Download the Sendent app from the Nextcloud App Store to centrally manage all your settings. If you have a paid subscription, enter your license key here to get access to all your plan’s features.

You are now ready for easy and secure communication!

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Whether you’re a solo flyer, a fledgling leader, or a titan of industry, you will be safer with Sendent

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You can trust Sendent

We believe that everyone deserves safer and better communication online. Privacy laws and regulations differ from country to country, but our data security needs remain constant. Sendent makes it easier for individuals, teams, and organizations to communicate and collaborate while keeping their data secure.

We have chosen to work with Nextcloud, a leader in the field of security and control. Their self-hosted productivity platform gives you more control over your data. Every email or file sent through Sendent can automatically be stored in your private Nextcloud server which only you and a chosen few can access.

Get started today

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