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On 13 June 2023, IT professionals and decision-makers will gather in Munich for the highly anticipated Nextcloud Enterprise Day. Sendent, a leading player in the email security space, will be among the speakers at the event. This conference provides a valuable platform for businesses to refine their content collaboration strategies and leverage the full potential of the Content Collaboration Platform.

What is Nextcloud Enterprise Day?

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is a vital meeting point for industry leaders navigating evolving business demands and their impact on IT security. Attendees will gain knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, capitalize on cloud-based opportunities, and mitigate associated risks by tapping into the expertise shared by experienced professionals.

Sendent’s participation at the Nextcloud Enterprise Day reflects the event’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and fostering strategic partnerships. With a focus on seamless integrations and enhancing collaboration experiences, Sendent contributes to the ongoing evolution of content collaboration alongside Nextcloud and other industry leaders.

Throughout the event, participants can connect with decision-makers and engineers behind Nextcloud’s solutions, including Nextcloud Files, Groupware, Talk, and Office. This direct access facilitates networking opportunities and fosters the exchange of ideas, best practices, and success stories.

What will Sendent talk about?

Sendent co-founder Richard Marx will share insights during his speaking slot at 15:45. Marx’s presentation will shed light on several integrations between Nextcloud and Microsoft, including Sendent for Outlook, Sendent for Teams, and the Microsoft Exchange Connector. This talk offers attendees a glimpse into the future potential of these influential platforms for seamless collaboration.

Richard Marx speaking at Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2022 in Berlin

As businesses strive to unlock the full potential of Nextcloud and refine their content collaboration strategies, Sendent’s expertise adds to the diverse range of perspectives shared at Nextcloud Enterprise Day. This collaborative approach reflects the event’s commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and industry-wide growth.

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