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Nextcloud has announced the launch of Hub 4, the first on-premises collaboration platform to integrate intelligent features across its suite of applications.

The release of Nextcloud Hub 4 coincides with a surge of interest in AI technology, with recent breakthroughs in the field making headlines and attracting widespread attention.

According to Nextcloud, the integration of AI technology into its collaboration platform has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses work, with improved productivity and enhanced collaboration capabilities.

However, the implementation of AI technology also raises concerns about issues such as privacy, sustainability, and discrimination. Nextcloud has emphasized its commitment to ethical obligations while embracing this powerful technology.

Here are some of the new AI features Nextcloud users gain with Hub 4.

Smart Picker

Smart Picker is a new cross-application feature that allows users to incorporate artificial intelligence into their daily workflow.

The Smart Picker represents an opportunity for users to work with AI technology in a personalized and collaborative manner, enhancing their productivity and accelerating their work processes.

Image courtesy of Nextcloud

Through the Smart Picker, users can communicate with AI from within Nextcloud, including core applications such as Talk, Deck, Mail, Notes, Text, and Office.

The Smart Picker marks a significant advancement in the integration of AI technology in the workplace, offering users the ability to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.


Nextcloud has unveiled its new speech-to-text feature, which allows users to dictate text using their voice.

Video courtesy of Nextcloud

The feature is powered by Whisper via Replicate, enabling users to convert their spoken words into text that can be used in a variety of applications, including Nextcloud Talk chat.

By utilizing the speech-to-text feature, users can communicate more efficiently and hands-free, streamlining their workflow and increasing productivity. 

Image generation

Nextcloud has introduced AI image generation to make it easier for users to utilize images. With this new feature, users can now generate their desired image by typing in relevant keywords. AI-generated images can then be inserted into Nextcloud’s Talk chat, Notes, and other applications.

Video courtesy of Nextcloud

There are two options for generating images: the online Dall-E 2 and an on-premises StableDiffusion-based generator.

Text generation

Nextcloud has integrated ChatGPT, a text generation tool based on GPT-3 technology by OpenAI, into its suite of applications including Talk, Office, and Mail.

The integration of ChatGPT into Nextcloud enables users to generate intelligent and professional text by using the Smart Picker feature, which allows users to provide the tool with specific instructions on what they want to convey.

For example, in Nextcloud Talk, users can ask a question to help them construct a message to their team.

Video courtesy of Nextcloud

The GPT-3 text generation tool is set to deliver one result by default, but users can customize the advanced settings to generate multiple results and select the most suitable data model for optimal results.

Is AI the future of productivity?

With the release of Nextcloud Hub 4, users can integrate artificial intelligence into their workflow immediately. This comes at a time when Microsoft and Google have both launched AI tools, Copilot and Workspace, respectively, but are currently only available to select customers.

In contrast to Microsoft’s recent controversy surrounding its Ethical AI team, Nextcloud takes its responsibility seriously by prioritizing on-premises solutions whenever possible and being transparent about potential data leaks to third parties. Users can leverage the power of AI to write more compelling messages, compose emails, and streamline repetitive tasks. Nextcloud offers an opportunity to use AI that is tailored to one’s needs, all while maintaining user privacy.

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